RAF Little Horwood Heliclub

Originally we were called Manor Farm Heliclub, we were based in Hanslope. The Club started in 2003 with several members we were all beginners but as we flew more and more we became proficient in Flying radio-controlled helicopters. Our membership grew over the coming years to the club we are today. Febuary 2016 we had to relocate the club to a new field thankfully we came across our present site between Great Horwood and Winslow this was a disused Airfield built in 1941 and disused in 1946 we decided that we would change the name of the club to reflect its original use hence RAF little Horwood Heliclub. Our members come from Towcester, Northampton, thru to Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and Tring all our members are a friendly bunch and more than willing to help an offer advice with Building and Flying your radio-controlled helicopter check out our other pages for how to join, and the membership procedure.

You may find it interesting to know a little about the History of RAF Little Horwood and some of the other Airfields and sites it was linked to during the war.

Also The WWII secrets of Milton Keynes

Checkout The Airfields Research Group

If your looking for a Model Flying Club, We are near Aylesbury, Buckingham, Northampton, Towcester, Milton Keynes, Winslow, Great Horwood, Leighton Buzzard. We fly mainly Helicopters, but we do fly virtually anything in other areas of our Radio Control Club.